Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Love...hopefully you'll see this and know its for you

Life was amazing with you on the ride. So come back and get on with me, I'll take you away and make you safe and hopefully happy. And if you asked me if I love him.....I'd Lie

Friday, September 30, 2011

Peter's Change

Well being harassed by a ugly old man is never fun. When he is dating a friend of yours well thats even worse. To make things worse he took over my friends Facebook. I guess any friendship i had with Peter is over. Its sad because he can do better than that guy, and i like(d) him. well at least college is full of gays. Maybe i should forget about Peter and move on and just delete and block.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The wandering ways of love

So have you ever found someone that makes you smile? Ever found that person who, no matter what you do they can not be replaced? Have you ever found more than one of those people? at the same time?

Well I found one person, who means a lot to me, and that I believe I will fully be able to love one day, before I left for college who fit this description, well actually I met him in early june.
The funny thing is that I met his really close friend who, at first, seemed stand offish and rude, really grew on me and I have come to want to talk to him more and more.

OK so the moral of this story is really one that I have know idea about what I should do. Or how i should feel. Also this post proves the point I should not be writing at 7:45 am after a night out.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

One week of classes completed and I have already crashed and burned in my approach to the college social life Luckily I have a back up plan up my sleeve, so time to focus on me.

Now to understand why I have to act this way, you first need to understand that my personality is of a helper/ people pleaser. I always want to put other before myself, and I always get stuck in the dreaded friend-zone because of it.

So this is my public, but also private, declaration of freedom from myself. I will focus on myself to make me the best I can be in every way, then I will begin to look outward.

OK thats the plan. so its time to make the change. March onward

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So i should be getting ready to walk to class, but i wanted to post on here before I did. I know my life is going kindda crazy and I have not had a lot of time to do too much on here, or even talk to Jack (WHICH is killing me btw). Any way this was to just let him know I miss him and think about him everyday. Well off to get more homework

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FIrst day of classes ( the reprise)

So yesterday I actually started college. I had my classes and to be quite frank I was intimidated. The just entire difference from the ways of high school astounded me. But I know I can handle it.

I have been very busy after move in and feel bad that i have been away not talking or posting, but with homework and all the new people, life is a little crazy. I still have time for a few things now and again, so if you need to talk please comment on something and I will get back too you. Or if you are one of those people who has my number (JACK) text me cause I will always answer you.

Well off to shower and breakfast before History 100 and Math 108.
Peace and Love

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Night

Anyone who has gone through a first something knows the feeling. The not knowing what to do, or where to go, or even who to do it with.

Lets be clear. The first night of college is not any different. Luckily I get along well with one of my roommates, while with the other one I'm not sure what type of relationship we have.

It's nice tho, college is really fun; once the parents leave there is a different type of atmosphere here. Some parts of it are fun an exciting when the people you are with have grown up past high school, in a way that the roommate I don't know how to feel about has proven in one night that he has not.

Besides all the great adventures that lay ahead I think about people that are important too me, and I think for the time being that matters far more than 3 to 4 shots. ( yes this is about a boy who is very special too me). I saw people drunk hooking up and i realized that HE is more important than Mr. Right-now, cause he may be the Mr. Right.
So Im up with 4 hours of sleep I think I need a shower and coffee....